Gegensätzliche Welten

Nach meinem Studium habe ich einen Winter in einer ärmlichen Gegend Kasachstans verbracht und meine Erlebnisse dokumentiert. Die folgenden Absätze entstanden um Weihnachten herum.

….kann unsre Welt nicht traurig sein?

Many times, well-known things of your life acquire a different meaning if you find yourself in a new situation. For me, these were well-known songs. “Weil Gott in tiefster Nacht erschienen, kann unsre Welt nicht traurig sein“. It is sad though, that these children have no chance than to live with their drunk parents, and that this is probably a problem that has been running through many generations. Der immer schon uns nahe war, stellt sich als Mensch den Menschen dar. Weil Gott in tiefster Nacht erschienen, kann unsre Welt nicht traurig sein. They say that Jesus came to earth to experience what it is a human being. They say that he was born into poverty and that he was shamed so that nobody could claim that God doesn’t know this misery. But did Jesus really experience all possibly misery? Was he unemployed? Did he have parents that did nothing at all but to drink? Did they hit him? Did they shout at him to go away when he entered the house? Did they force him to sleep with the dogs house when it was cold outside? The Bible tells us little about Jesus’ childhood. But after her first chock, his earthly parents wanted him. And they seem to have cared about him and listened to him. Because of him, they lived in Egypt for seven years. Parents here sometimes leave their new-born not knowing what to feed them. Weil Gott in tiefster Nacht erschienen, kann unsere Welt nicht traurig sein. And Mariah probably did not consume any drugs during her pregnancy. Astana is a cemetery for unwanted babies from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Afraid that their families will kill them if they get to know about their pregnancy, unmarried women go to Astana, either to have an abortion or to give birth and leave their child. When Svetlana was still living in Astana, she worked with these mothers and distributed food and clothing so that these children stayed alive and with their mothers. Weil Gott in tiefster Nacht erschienen, kann unsere Welt nicht traurig sein. When Jesus was an adult, Mariah believed in him. She didn’t always understand his decisions, but she tells the servants at the wedding of Canaan to do everything Jesus said. She must have had faith in him. And he must have known. Who has faith in the people from Sadchikovka that spiral down the social ladder? One family has been threatened a couple times to have their children taken away if they don’t clean the house. Taken where? Sasha, the pastor in Almaty says, that in this country, orphanages are one-way streets to criminality and prostitution for 90% of its dwellers since the children do not learn much nothing and society regards them suspiciously. Weil Gott in tiefster Nacht erschienen, kann unsere Welt nicht traurig sein. Yes, this happens in Germany as well. But there are more possibilities for single people and for families to leave vicious circles. If they are in the country legally. So many people are traded into my country, kept as prisoners, and no authority dares to touch the topic. Weil Gott …..

I’m thinking about Hamburg specifically, but you can name many cities. And there is such a big difference between the Hamburg of captive people and the glamour and proud structures that I know. One way or the other, thinking about Hamburg or Kiel seems unreal to me, like a daydream. As though the proud buildings and the rich people didn’t exist. It is the place that Dad went to buy dancing shoes with me? Afterwards, we went to a Turkish restaurant. This trip vibrates in my head like a fairy tale. Or do the big and rich gardens and houses of my grandmothers really exist? I have less trouble imagining my brother’s and sister’s places and towns and my own study. My mother’s work remained real to me as well.